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Make your loved one feel incredibly special with a balloon filled with approximately 25 small balloons and personalized “Love Notes” from you.

You receive a wand to pop the balloon, which is so much fun, and the excitement of watching your loved one as they read how you feel about them!!!!

Click on this link to see a short video of what a "Love Note" is.


The cost is $55.  The delivery fee is $30 within 10 miles of Thornton. You can save the delivery fee and pick it up in Thornton.

 The delivery fee is $20 if you do delivery between February 11th and the 13th.

The balloons will be fine if you keep them in the delivery bag and away from a heat source until you are ready to give them to the person. 

  (Balloons do not like to be in the sun or by a heat register)

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Valentine's Day

Here is a sample of a few designs we have created for our clients.