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 How pricing for balloon decor is determined - Image

 How pricing for balloon decor is determined

December 6, 2019

The type of décor you require, the cost of supplies to create it and the time it takes Creating custom balloon décor takes time and money for supplies. The complexity of the design will determine both of these elements.

 Every event is different. There are steps that need to be taken to ensure that we have all the necessary supplies, frames and bases to make your incredible décor.

 If your décor requires framing and bases, then we will have to custom make that frame and those bases.  This is essential so that the décor is secure and looks amazing!

Once the décor is created, it must be bagged up to protect it, loaded for transport, taken to the venue, unloaded, taken out of the bags and finally set up.

 We will complete as much of your décor ahead of delivery, depending on the design. Some venues do not give much time for delivery and setup. 

               What type of vehicle is needed for transporting your décor to the venue?

Large pieces of décor may require a large truck. We do have a delivery van that most pieces will fit into, but there are some designs or if many pieces of décor are made, we may have to rent a larger vehicle.

                                                 Quantity of décor pieces you require

How many different pieces of décor, the design and how much time it will take to create is considered.  You would pay a plumber, caterer or photographer for their time, the same applies for a professional balloon artist. 

                                                        Time of delivery and setup

Normal delivery times are between 9am and 4pm, Monday thru Saturday. Deliveries outside of those hours will be charged an additional fee. 

                                                             Location of the Venue

If the venue is more than 10 miles from our location, we must charge to cover the cost of gas and additional travel time.  

                                  Is there equipment that will need to be returned?

If your décor required a frame of some kind and bases, then those will need to be returned to Balloons Elite.

We can get them or you can return them to us within 3 business days and save the retrieval fee.

If the equipment is not returned per the contract you signed, you will be charged to replace them.  This is discussed with you at the time you sign the contract and pay the deposit.  

We at Balloons Elite, feel that it is in the best interest of our clients to be well informed, so they can make the best decisions possible when working with us.

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